ms-dos games (1996)

Here are some games written for MS-DOS in the days of Embryonic Software (don't worry, you're not supposed to have heard of them).

They were developed from a series of custom graphics and sprite routines - including the capability for animated backgrounds - that I wrote (with additional credit to CJ) back in 1996. With them I intended to pay tribute to some original classics, while breaking down how they might have been written.

No sound routines ever got developed for them so don't expect any! You can quit out of all of these games by pressing the Escape key.

I feel that I should stress that these games are old, and now look especially dated. They are here partly for historic reasons and because the requirements are so low, and of course, for anybody who wants to give them a go!

fretboard navigator online

This is Fretboard Navigator: an essential, and free tool to help you learn a selection of thousands of scales, modes and chords. The display is a representation of a guitar fretboard as a diagram, and all you need to do is to select your tuning, key, and chord or scale and it shows all of the positions and the corresponding notes up the fretboard. The root note is coloured to help you get your fingering right.

I hope to add some lessons soon that should help use this tool more effectively, but due to time constraints this may be a while

Content, and new features, will be gradually be added to this section over the coming months. All suggestions, and constructive criticisms are taken seriously and I'll attempt to address them all! One feature that I've thought about adding is a tab (tabulature) generator, to show chord shapes, and ascending and descending scales, but again, unfortunately, this may take a while.


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